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Website Support

This is an extension of the free technical support provided by Element Hosting. As part of this extended Support Package, Element Hosting will engage in extended technical support, administration, change requests and general enquiries.


Pricing for this service has two options which are detailed below:-

  1. Non-Subscription
    1. Element Hosting can engage in a formalised support on an ad-hoc basis. Regardless of the particular issue a standard rate of 30.00 per hour, which will be charged on a half-hourly basis (15.00 per half hour).
  2. Annual Subscription
    1. An annual fee of 120 gives access to reduced hourly rates of 24 per hour with time blocks charged every 5 minutes with the ability to select a billing period.
    2. If this option is chosen, all maintenance will be conducted by Element Hosting, with no third parties involved.
    3. This maintenance package includes:-
      • Monitoring and repairing of navigations links, both internally and externally.
      • Monitoring and repairing of image and document links
      • Content reviews
      • Notification of errors / issues with content provided at the point of review
      • Regular fortnightly reports depicting the activities completed in any maintenance session.

PLEASE NOTE: If you wish to enquire further about our support packages, or you would like to sign up for this service, please contact us either through our website by click on 'Support>Contact Us', or send an email to Alternatively you can raise a support ticket by logging into the Element Hosting site and click on 'Support Tickets' from your Control Panel menu